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Technical Theatre for Teachers


The challenges of the technical elements in our theatres are myriad. From new technologies to older systems, we are constantly faced with situations that we lack the skills or time to address. Technical Theatre for Teachers can help.


Lighting Design 

Basics of lighting design, rep plots, lighting math,

color theory and getting the most from your equipment. 

(faculty and students)

Understanding Lights and Accessories 

Explore your fixtures, their intended uses as well as photometrics, calculations and available accessories. (faculty and students)

Working with LED and Moving Fixtures 

Basics of multi-parameter fixtures, programming,

electrical needs. Integration of multi-parameter fixtures in a theatrical environment. (faculty and students)

Lighting System Training Reboot

You know the situation...Your training on the "new" system was a few years ago, the students who knew how to run things graduated or you are the new teacher who inherited a system that you don't know. The session will help you better understand how to use your equipment, ensure that things are working as they should or just a refresher on how to use your system. (faculty and students)

Craft Before Art

How to safely hang, cable and circuit lighting fixtures, understanding fixture functionality and basic counterweight rigging. The session explores the work required to realize a lighting design. (faculty and students)


Counterweight Rigging 

System operation and upkeep, common rigging practices, procedures, equipment, terminations and design factors

Rigging safety, industry standards and rigging inspections

(faculty and students)

Curriculum, Assessment and Planning
(Select Two from List Below)

Competency Testing (faculty only)

How to test your student’s competency in varied areas of technical theatre with an eye on safe practice

Curriculum Design and Indiana's New State Theatre Standards (faculty only)

How to implement technical theatre requirements found 

in Indiana's new theatre standards and better meeting the needs of our students (and not just the next show)

Lesson Plan Development (faculty only)

Creating lesson plans that engage students

and develop a more competent crew

Session Length and Fees

Time Frame

Typically, sessions are taught in two, three hour blocks with a lunch break. Modifications are possible to better meet participant needs


Session fees vary based on travel and expenses. Travel in excess of 150 miles, one way, will also include travel expenses (mileage or airfare) and overnight accommodations at presenter's discretion.

The standard fee is $600.00 per session.

Additional sessions are open to negotiation.

Odds and Ends

  • Instructor will provide all handouts, materials

  • Host will provide projector, projection surface and access to systems discussed (rigging, light board, lighting fixtures, tools)

  • Multi-school participation welcome

  • Students welcome (please note exceptions in session descriptions)

  • Total number of participants should not exceed twenty

  • Sessions can be customized to better meet your needs

Taylor, Dana GRA_3829 f 4x5.jpg

About the Instructor

Dana W. Taylor spent over twenty-five years teaching technical theatre at the Mt. Vernon Senior High School Fine Arts Academy (Mt. Vernon, IN). He is a writer in the area of technical theatre and served ten years as the technical editor for Dramatics Magazine and Teaching Theatre Journal and was also the technical editor for Basic Drama Projects (9th Edition) as well as Concert Lighting: The Art and Business of Entertainment Lighting (3rd Edition) by James Moody.  He served as a board member for The Entertainment Services Technology Association (ESTA) from 2013-2019 and currently serves as a Director of The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT). In 2011, he received the Founder's Award from the Educational Theatre Association, and in 2014, was the first high school educator to receive the United States Institute for Theatre Technology's Distinguished Achievement Award for Education.  


Dana W. Taylor Consulting, LLC

7209 E Walnut St

Evansville, IN 47715


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